Wildlife dance to wedding bells

The latest trend of the new generation weddings is to adorn the ceremony by bringing in wild life.

This new trend was recently observed at the wedding of Garette Ziem and Kim Dalton in Florida. The groom had arranged two mighty Llamas, one having a caramel hue while the other being white colored. His main intention was to surprise his bride to be, who found these creatures fascinating.

Kim Dalton was on cloud nine as soon as she caught sight of these shaggy creatures that were in an attire of lavender tuxedo bibs This special gesture of her groom immensely impressed the lady as she mentioned that she was touched by the way in Garette put in an extra effort to make the moment special and memorable. It was a costly surprise though, as Mr. Ziem, a sales manager by profession paid an amount of $500 to have them to grace the occasion. The presence of these creatures made the affair a more popular one. In fact guests excitedly queued up to click selfies with these woolly creatures. The duo was extremely well behaved throughout the ceremony.

The incorporation of wildlife in wedding ceremonies has become the latest fashion. In fact in the modern times people are interested in bringing bigger animals like an elephant, camel or even the butterfly to add to the grandeur of the event. However this recent fashion has annoyed the animal lovers who feel that it is more heartless and inhuman than grand to torture the poor animals just for pleasure.

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