Wedding: Ray Chala marries Anderson Paz

The wedding of Ray Chala and Anderson Paz was not only the start of their life, but it was really the happy ending of couple’s long-distance relationship. Anderson Paz, from the Brazilian city of Manaus, met Ray last year while in America.
Paz said that San Diego is 4-hours ahead of his hometown. Chala would always leave him a good morning message at night. They were communicating in that manner that every day. There were lots of messages. This was both of their way to keep the bond and keep the flame burning. It was simply crazy.
Their wedding took place on the beach in front of Hotel del Coronado, exactly a year after they had met for the first time. Chala said that it was the first place where they had walked together for the first time. Therefore, it was really symbolic to arrange the ceremony there. The way the sun sets in Coronado – to the right – over Cabrillo, reminded them of how the sun sets in the similar direction in Rio. He felt like he is in his hometown.
Ray Chala said that they have gone to Brazil, France and Italy to see each other, and the United States of course. Officially, Paz has to go through one more step to become a permanent resident. Chala added that they have gone through around three pounds of paperwork so Paz could get his Social Security card as well as his driver’s license. Paz told that they are now waiting for the interview to prove that they have a bona fide relationship.

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