Jan 14

Scharff and Crosby’s wedding full of surprises

David Scharff and Jennifer Crosby’s fall marriage ceremony was full of interesting surprises – starting from poutine bar at reception to eleven children that preceded the bride as well as her attendants down the aisle at Robertson Wesley United Church.

Instead of attempting to choose a ring bearer and a flower girl, the couple decided to add Jennifer Crosby’s niece, Scharff’s nephew, his godchildren and also kids from their closest buddies. Each kid donned white and black colored dress and carried single flower. They walked along in groups of 2 or 3 holding hands.

Thirty six year old Jennifer, who works news anchor at Global TV Edmonton, told that they were really adorable. The bride was looking magnificent in her strapless white dress along with a black wide accent ribbon. The wedding attire was the very first one that Jennifer tried on and enlivened the white and black theme for their marriage ceremony. She topped off her wedding dress along with a veil trapped to her upswept tresses.

Scharff, 37, is an executive with a remote sensing business which offers data to energy businesses. He told that it was a stunning dress and she appeared amazing in that dress. The groom sported a 3 piece tux with a custom made pocket square to match with the white and black striped wedding base. On the other hand, the groomsmen sported same looking attire. After that church wedding ceremony, the guests were also enthralled by Nils Skalin’s saxophone.

Oct 13

Wedding to go tech free

Weddings and Technology – it may appear like a match attained in heaven. In a few weeks, Janet Liebelt is tying the knot in New Berlin. She told that know he is the one who want to spend the rest of her life with. She will also make sure that her marriage ceremony is totally camera free.

Janet told that when she walk down the aisle, she want to be able to see faces and not cameras. She plans on including her request in the marriage program.  She added that she would put a short note at the bottom, saying – Please no cellphones or cameras during ceremony.

It was known as an unplugged marriage; and pairs across the nation are requesting, or even calling for that invitees turn off their tech. Stopping digital distractions such as – social media, pictures or texting, is an increasing trend.

Abby Larson stated that they have become a world which is very hyper connected to everyone and everything; therefore, an unplugged marriage allows people to sit and listen and be a part of the festivities.

Anja Winnika for theknot.com told that invitees have even been asked to check their tech at the door. She suggests that just like you might your coat.  Marriage industry experts admitted that the decision to go tech free might offend some invitees. Anja added that the best one can do is really explain to them the reason why one is having this unplugged marriage, explain to them the benefits, and expect that they understand.

Oct 13

The Painted Cake Commercial

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Sep 13

Nicole and Wes Wedding Video Montage

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Aug 13

Newlymarried couple attacked with baseball bat after marriage

Greeley police made an arrest and now they are continuing to appear into who assaulted a couple as they returned home from their marriage. Previous Friday begun with moments which were memorable and finished with some pictures in an odd way.

Twenty two year old Sarah Vladic and twenty four year old Rodney Mendoza told that they came back to their home at around 2:30 in the morning. That was when a group of people approached them and threw beer bottles at them. They were also armed with a baseball bat.

Vladic told that they just got out of the limo and they just came up to them running, shouting ‘this is so-and-so gang.’ She does not know exactly what gang was that. Then they just started throwing beer bottles. She tried to like run up to those people and she told them to leave and not to cause any problems as it was her wedding night.

Mendoza told that they had baseball bats and crow bars and he did not understand why. The couple were in our suits for Christ’s sake.

Vladic added that she had a sprained ankle and a broken wrist and Mendoza had a skull fracture. Now the couple, who are raising their 6 year old twins, told that they are concerned about their family’s safety. Vladic said that she just feel like Greeley’s gotten to that point where one could not even feel safe if they have kids.

Aug 13

nicole richie’s wedding

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Jul 13

Pink and White Birthday cake – Birthday cake idea – 2 tier baby cake

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Jun 13

Mixed reactions over same sex wedding laws

A controversial Bill that may legalize same sex wedding has been handed a mixed response by the MPs of Fylde coast. Yesterday, MPs spent a 2nd day speaking about gay wedding bill in the House of Commons and in spite of some opposition to the whole idea, gay couples could now tie the knot in England and Wales as soon as the summer of 2014. The mixed response came after some argued for amendments to the original document.

Gordon Marsden, Blackpool South MP told that he has continued to support the basic principles of the Bill because he believe it strikes the right balance between protection for freedom of religion, including safeguards, so no church has to conduct a same sex wedding, but any couple who want to can get married.

Paul Maynard, Blackpool North and Cleveleys MP, was not in favor of the bill. He told that this has been a very controversial issue that has stirred local passions, and he is very grateful to all people who have posted their views. On such an issue, no MP can please all the people all of the time, and they could just do what they believe is right, and accept that some will be disappointed.

Eric Ollerenshaw, Lancaster and Fleetwood MP, told that he voted for some of the amendments that the Government did not say they needed but they felt they did; like the amendments to the protection of religion as well as registrars who are already involved, but they were defeated. He would vote for the bill as he did originally on the grounds of equality, but he is determined that there would be extra protections in there.