GURU CHEF ROHAN CREATES A maroon lily wedding cake

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  1. How can anyone give a dislike on this cake? I have 2 semesters before i become a chef; i am wondering if you can e-mail me a tutorial?

  2. narineshka2525


  3. WOW

  4. MERYNGAhowtomake

    Beautiful !!

  5. marilyndmello

    Hi, could u please tell me what paste were the lilies made with and how did you get that dark maroon colour

  6. wow i am speechless

  7. TheOlavarria49

    It looks like that is not fondant at all. It looks like the material we use to make bows for presents in christmas time. In which in this case is appropriate to use in a cake. My thoughts…

  8. SearchNScriptures

    Just wondering….How did you get your fondant that beautiful shade of burgundy?

  9. Thank you for all your comments.
    This cake is on a special 2 tier stand that makes the cake seem to float.

  10. TheOlavarria49

    : Look very closely to the back of the cake, you can see the metal bar coming up which is the stand for the 2nd cake. Very ingenious.

  11. That cake is beyond amazing. You did an outstanding job and I’m sure that the couple were extremely pleased.

  12. SaLLyLovZzzDa1

    omgggg its so beautiful

  13. Its beautiful But I wouldnt be able to eat it……Idk why..Just doesnt seem to be eatable

  14. can i asked you how many portion can made??thanks;)

  15. that was a gorgeous cake…love the wired ribbon…I am going to sooooo use that in my next cake topper/design…thanks for sharing!

  16. To pretty to eat

  17. This might be a dumb question, but is that ribbon at the base of the cakes and is it edible?

  18. 48219msdetroit

    :O i want that cake

  19. this a basic yet elegant cake

  20. Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony.

  21. very beautiful!

  22. Elegant, simple, and classy. I like it.