Bachelorette’ Chris Siegfried and Desiree Hartsock shares their new wedding details

Chris Siegfried and Desiree Hartsock from The Bachelorette tied the knot just previous month, and now fans are getting even more details from behind-the-scenes from the special day of the couple. Earlier on Thursday, Hartsock went to her blog to reveal all new snaps as well as other details regarding her marriage to Chris Siegfried.

The fans of the show did not get to see Chris and Desiree marry on ABC like they saw Sean Lowe and Catherine Guidici’s wedding or Ashley Hebert and J.P. Rosenbaum’s wedding, but Chris and Desiree have ensured that they shared a lot of details regarding their wedding day.

Both Chris and Desiree are very much active on social mediums, and they have both uploaded snaps from the marriage ceremony. Earlier on Thursday, Chris released a snap of the duo standing at altar during their wedding ceremony. He captioned the snap: “Oh hey remember that one time @deshartsock and I got married? #NeverLookingBack.”

Desiree spent a whole lot of time on her marriage attire, and she shared a little video to her Instagram account earlier on Thursday which offer her fans an up-close look at design. In fact, she also admitted that she would want to sport her attire across the house.

In her blog, Hartsock shared more regarding the wedding as well as the moments which led up to it. She also stated why she and Chris selected the location they did for the wedding. She revealed that her day started with friends and preparations for the big moment.

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